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Whether you’re an experienced leader or are hoping to take on greater responsibility our Relational Leadership course could be just what you need. It’s one of the first courses to draw on Human Learning Systems exploring how HLS can enable purpose-driven leadership in complex environments across organisations and local systems. With a strong emphasis on learning transfer and peer learning the course enables you to connect your learning straight to your unique practice context and critically reflect within an inspiring peer group on how your leadership can have the greatest positive impact.

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ThemPra Social Pedagogy

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ThemPra Social Pedagogy

ThemPra Social Pedagogy

ThemPra is a social (pedagogical) enterprise supporting the sustainable development of social pedagogy through a range of short courses, organisational capacity building and whole-systems strategies. At ThemPra we have set out to actively promote social pedagogy, because we know that its focus on well-being, learning and relationships can make a substantial difference to the lives of disadvantaged children, young people and adults. We have also seen evidence of the positive impact it can have on practitioners and entire teams who have embraced social pedagogical principles not just as a way of working with children, young people and adults but as highly relevant and applicable to team work, leadership and multi-agency working.

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