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Essential Guide for Specifiers of Hearing loops (AFILS) IR and FM Assistive Listening Systems

Seminar Univox Audio

About the CPD course

This seminar with live demonstrations provides an insight into some challenges faced by the hard of hearing (HoH). It addresses the legal and commercial requirements of assistive listening systems e.g.; The Equalities Act 2010 and explains and compares the available technologies; AFILS; FM; IR and streaming. Favoured by the HoH and facility managers alike it focuses on Induction Loop technology; explaining basic theory; specification and relevant codes of practice e.g. BS 7594 and the performance standard IEC60118-4:2017. In addition you will learn key terms:- 0dB; Field Strength; Frequency Response; Spill Control and Metal Loss.

CPD Provider

Univox Audio

Univox Audio

Univox Audio

UnivoxAudio Ltd is a specialist AV distribution company for the UK and Ireland. We support a small number of manufacturers whom we believe offer something different, something special. Our mission is to help you create the best possible listening experience for all of your clients. For the hard of hearing that means providing high performance, standard compliant and appropriate assistive listening systems that deliver good, clear, intelligible sound and possibly training you. For everyone else it means the appropriate use of DSP technology to filter, boost and enhance reinforced sound and using high quality reliable amplification and speakers to accurately reproduce it.

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