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Ventlux ‘Delve into AOV’s and Smoke Ventilation Systems’

Training Course Ventlux

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This training day is delivered by one of the UK’s most respected industry experts in this field. Candidates will be given insight into the different Smoke Ventilation systems they are likely to come across in the UK. They will cover troubleshooting common faults and universal solutions where applicable. Candidates will review and discuss the important regulations that govern this very specific area of fire safety. The day will conclude with a Practical and Theory test to ensure candidates have gained a good understanding of the subjects covered; with a Q&A for anyone who wishes to stay past 4pm finishing time.

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We have 30 years experience designing and installing AOV systems in a wide range of settings. Our solutions include Mechanical/ Fan Smoke and Heat Exhaust Ventilation (SHEV ) in addition to windows, dampers, louvres and powered smoke control.

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