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Nutrition and Hydration

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If you are part of a team responsible for people’s nutrition and hydration: it is important to understand: the terminology that is being used; the nutritional requirements of the service-users; and the possible consequences of getting it wrong. This course will: define the terms used when talking about nutrition and hydration in care; define the basic elements of nutrition and eating a healthy balanced diet; identify why vulnerable people might suffer with dehydration; describe the tools you can use to identify people that are at risk of malnutrition; and discuss the steps you can take to deal with this condition.

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Videotile Learning

Videotile Learning

Videotile Learning

VideoTile Learning create interactive video-based eLearning courses for training professionals. From constructing a completely bespoke course from your existing content to licensing from our extensive range of existing courses, we can deliver the e learning tool to help your business prosper.

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