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VIDA (Vitrue Interactive Desk Assessment)

Online Course Vitrue Health

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This is a remote workplace assessment using computer vision and interactive questionnaires. Learn how to set your workstation correctly and stop bad habits and set yourself up for success.

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Vitrue Health

Vitrue Health

Vitrue Health

We're passionate about improving musculoskeletal health through education, patient engagement and quantitative measurement tools. Our primary mission is to change the way we assess and treat musculoskeletal conditions across healthcare to provide clinicians with better data and patients with a far more engaging experience. Currently clinicians rely on their sight alone to measure patient motor function and technology is doing nothing to help them. We're taking cutting edge technology that up to now has been limited to the academic world for many reasons and making it standard in general healthcare. Our team has extensive expertise in computer vision, physiotherapy, biomechanics and medical device design. Keep an eye open for educational CPD content through cutting edge technology across elite sports, general acute care and corporate wellness.

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