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Asynchronous eLearning Course that scrutinizes Gamification Moodle tools Comprises six semi autonomous modules with gamification elements that motivate learners; using Game Dynamics; Mechanics; Components concerning Moodle tools and applied competencies for asynchronous eLearning instructional design The Program gives the opportunity to the beneficiaries to use Moodle tools across different instructional settings Upon successful completion of this course; guided by our Moodle Certified Facilitators; the candidate is awarded with the relevant badges and certification issued by WIDE Training eLearning Academy Pretests are offered for differentiated enrolments to different course levels; in line with the semi autonomous; modular structure of the course

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WIDE Services

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WIDE Services

WIDE Services

WIDE Services is an IT company that provides integrated solutions in e-Learning. Company is Moodle Certified Services Provider in Greece and Cyprus and also ISO9001 & ISO27001 certified company. The company provides a wide range of services in the field of e-learning to large scale organizations in Greece and international.

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