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This course covers practical techniques. Vicky will share her experience and expertise around the practical methods of professional organising with a particular focus on techniques such as decluttering; folding; packing and unpacking as well as paperwork.

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You Need a Vicky

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You Need a Vicky

You Need a Vicky

You Need A Vicky is the UK's leading professional home organizing service. Founded in 2010 by Vicky Silverthorn, this company specializes in decluttering and organizing personal spaces. You Need a Vicky employs practical and simple systems to enhance the efficiency and streamlining of spaces in both the home and office. With a philosophy that a well-organized home leads to a harmonious life, they offer a variety of services from decluttering and organising to paperwork, packing/unpacking and wardrobe organization. Operating primarily in London, You Need a Vicky has expanded to Surrey, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Hampshire. Vicky's decade-plus experience and passion for staying abreast of storage and decluttering trends make us a premier choice for those seeking professional organization services.  

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