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CPDUK Training Accreditation - 20+ years experience working with accredited CPD providers

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Work with the leading CPD accreditation provider in the UK

The CPD Service is the largest and most recognised CPD training accreditation service in the UK, with over 20 years experience supporting accredited CPD providers from across all industry sectors. The CPD Certification Service was established in 1996 and is the leading independent CPD accreditation institution providing the highest quality accredited training and events suitable for the Continuing Professional Development policies of professional bodies. Use our form below to find out more.

About The CPD Certification Service

Our unique experience and a history working over 20 years with large training companies, conference providers, professional bodies, universities, academic institutions and corporate organisations enables us to confidently accredit training providers seeking authoritative and recognised CPD accreditation for their training courses, workshops and events.

We evaluate and accredit all professional development learning activities, such as training courses, workshops, conferences and events to the highest standards. Hundreds of thousands of UK professionals recognise our CPD Certified symbol as the qualitative benchmark that, not only reflects but also sets those standards.

Every year we provide accreditation for thousands of CPD training courses, events, e-learning programs, conferences, workshops and seminars, the leading training accreditation in the UK. Our experience and recognised CPD symbols add significant value for audiences and accredited CPD providers alike.

With over 20 years experience providing training accreditation means our authoritative CPD Member and CPD Certified symbols offer institutional associations, professional bodies and educational providers reassurance that our accredited CPD providers training materials achieve the qualitative standards required by all parties. Use the form below for your FREE consultation.

Benefits of CPD Training Accreditation

One of the main reasons organisations look to obtain CPD training accreditation is to increase delegate bookings. With over 450 professionals bodies in the UK requiring CPD from their members, accredited CPD providers are able to meet more of the right audience to increase training bookings and event attendance. Training accreditation provides increased appeal and helps develop new & existing client relationships. Becoming an accredited CPD provider with the leading independent UK institution adds significant endorsement for your organisation and greater profile recognition that your training meets the industry- recognised standards.

The CPD Service provides different membership levels to suit your training accreditation needs and budget. Membership levels are determined by an initial FREE consultation resulting in recommendations for your most effective routes to market. Accredited CPD providers are able to utilise key features of membership which help to support business, marketing and training objectives.

  • Review and advise on organisational CPD requirements
  • Training Accreditation of courses & events, from 1 – 250+ activities a year
  • Licence to use CPD Member logo on company marketing materials
  • CPD Certified symbol on approved CPD course materials
  • Presence in CPD Providers Directory for user validation and searching
  • All accredited training courses listed in the Course Catalogue
  • Ability to publicise certified events on CPD Event Calendar
  • Full administration of delegate CPD certificates post activity

Training accreditation allows you to present your knowledge as an industry experts and distinguish from your competitors. Becoming an accredited CPD provider with the UK leading and most recognised association helps organisations to create discernible competitive advantage from others in your market. Create new opportunities with a professionally recognised way to display your industry expertise. Obtain new clients and increase your training and events sales revenue.

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