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Human Resources Sector Courses

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Human Resources Sub-Sectors

Human Resources CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • First Health & Safety

    Asbestos Awareness in Education

    First Health & Safety

    Any school built or refurbished before 2000 may have asbestos in it; if you own or manage a premise where people work the law requires an assessment of asbestos to be undertaken. Over... Read more

  • Nimble Elearning

    Customer Service Essentials

    Nimble Elearning

    This interactive Customer Service Essentials course has been designed to help all those in customer handling roles; hone their skills in customer service excellence. You will benefit... Read more

  • Nimble Elearning

    Time Management

    Nimble Elearning

    Most beneficial to those working in an office environment; this Time Management course explores the principles and practicalities of effective time management; providing techniques and... Read more

  • Baker Lomax and Shackley Limited

    Advanced Caldicott Guardian Workshop - Day to Day Decision Making

    Baker Lomax and Shackley Limited

    This seminar will bring attendees up to date with the latest relevant European rulings; challenge them with actual Caldicott Guardian events and questions and importantly enable them to... Read more

  • Prospero Group Ltd

    Teaching Assistant Training

    Prospero Group Ltd

    This training is aimed at teaching assistants to further develop skills and knowledge to confidently support children and teachers in educational settings.

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  • Shout Out Safety

    Driving Safety Awareness

    Shout Out Safety

    To ensure employers assist in reducing all driving related injuries; accidents and deaths with relation to driving for work; or transiting to and from a place of employment.

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  • Relias Learning Ltd

    Safeguarding Adults Level 3

    Relias Learning Ltd

    The National Competency Framework describes Adult Safeguarding as being concerned with people who have care and support needs; are at risk of; or are experiencing abuse; neglect or... Read more

  • Relias Learning Ltd


    Relias Learning Ltd

    This course is aligned with the learning outcomes of Subject 5 in the Clinical/Care Core Skills Training Framework and is aimed at clinical and care staff. You will gain an introduction... Read more

  • Relias Learning Ltd

    Care Certificate for Social Care: S08 Fluids and Nutrition

    Relias Learning Ltd

    Balanced nutrition and safe food handling are essential to everyone. Unfortunately; some people are more susceptible to food-related illnesses; while others may experience physical... Read more

  • High Speed Training

    Nutrition for Children (v2)

    High Speed Training

    An online course designed to help parents and carers understand the importance of feeding toddlers; children and teenagers a varied; well-balanced and nutritionally-rich diet each... Read more

  • Governance Gurus FZE

    Corporate Governance for MSME Resilience

    Governance Gurus FZE

    Regional micro; small; and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) form the backbone of national economies; and in their lifecycles; face a range of business concerns that can be addressed by... Read more

  • London Ambulance Service

    Giving and Receiving Feedback

    London Ambulance Service

    This programme is for any member of staff who would like to improve their feedback skills; both in terms of receiving and delivering feedback.

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More information about Human Resources

It is estimated that around 100,000 people work in the fast-paced & constantly evolving human resources (HR) and personnel sector across the UK. Human Resources is the general term that covers a wide range of professional people-focused activities, which includes; employee relations/industrial relations, employment law, health and safety, payroll and pensions, performance and reward, recruitment and talent management, organisational development, training, coaching & professional development learning activities.

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