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Engineering CPD Events in September 2019

  • Technical Training Solutions

    Electrical Inspection and Testing             

    4.5 day course with City & Guilds exam

  • Technical Training Solutions

    Steppers and Servos

    1 day course with Certificate of Competence

  • Technical Training Solutions

    18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations          

    3.5 day Course with City & Guilds exam

  • RINA Tech UK Limited

    An introduction to Earthing; lightning protection and EMC requirements for a building

    The subjects of earthing; lightning protection and EMC are critical aspects of building design although they are often misunderstood. This one day course demystifies the three areas covering the main technical requirements and design aspects and how these can be managed to achieve and coordinated design.

  • The British Gear Association (BGA)

    Gear Foundation Day

    The course will include: An Introduction to Gears Part 1: Gear Fundamentals; Law of Gearing; The Involute Form; Power Transmission; Motion Control; Gear Types – Features and Benefits. An Introduction to Gears Part 2: Noise & Load Modes of Failure (Bending; Pitting; Micro-Pitting; Scuffing; Wear) Gear Rating methods; Application Factors; Gear Lubrication; Noise & Vibration basics; Transmission Error; An Introduction to Gears Part 3: Gear Manufacture Gear Material Specification; Gear Manufacturing Methods (Forming; Moulding; Machining; Hobbing; Shaping; Shaving; Honing Grinding and Finishing); Heat Treatment and Gear Measurement.

  • Technical Training Solutions

    Electrical Problem Solving                         

    3 day course with Certificate of Competence

  • The British Gear Association (BGA)

    Gear Noise & Transmission Error Management

    Introduction: Sources of Gear Noise; Definition of Transmission Error; Gear Design for Low Noise; TE spur gears; TE helical gears; The relation of TE to contact ratios and the concept of integer contact ratio; Effect of misalignment on tooth contact; Approaches to designing gears for low TE; TE in planetary gears; Noise Signals; Tooth passing frequencies; Gear pairs; Planetary gears; Run out ; generation of side bands; Ghost frequencies and their origin; Noise measurement; Practical aspects of noise measurement are considered in order to correctly diagnose the cause/source of the noise it’s necessary to correctly identify the frequency.

  • MA Business Ltd

    FAST Live & Engineering Materials Live

    With the direct connection between material choices and fastening; the co-location of FAST and EML Live provides an ideal environment for engineers to find innovative ways to improve their designs and production processes in a time-efficient; easily-accessible format that has been key to the success of these events for more than 15 years. With suppliers in both these specialist areas present; there will be no shortage of information on hand for those looking to explore either or both. These co-located events feature a fantastic range of free-to-attend technical seminars and a broad exhibition of market-leading suppliers; allowing you to achieve much more in a single visit.

  • The British Gear Association (BGA)

    Gear Cutting & Measurement

    The Seminar will cover Basic involute gear theory; terms and definitions for spur and helical gears including: Gear terms and definitions; Introduction to the involute form and its construction/tables; Calculations on the above; Practical work on the measurement of gears including calculations on the following: Chordal tooth settings for gear tooth Vernier; Constant chord settings to gear tooth Vernier; Base tangent micrometer settings; Distance over rollers measurement; Basic principles of gear hobbing and shaping. Selection of index and feed change gears. Practical work – setting up and producing spur & helical gears by hobbing and shaping using a Maxicut 2A shaping machine and Sykes H150 hobbing machine.

  • RINA Tech UK Limited

    Power System Earthing

    Encompassing all aspects of earthing; from standards and safety criteria through to earth grid design; fault current distribution and earth resistance measurement and interpretation. This two day course delivers a comprehensive introduction to the subject. In addition to the theoretical content the course also includes a series of invaluable practical sessions

  • Technical Training Solutions


    3 day course with Certificate of Competence

  • Technical Training Solutions

    Electronic Fault finding

    5 day course with Certificate of Competence

August 2019
September 2019
  • Electrical Inspection and Testing              02-09-19 View Details
  • Steppers and Servos 04-09-19 View Details
  • 18th Edition IET Wiring Regulations           09-09-19 View Details
  • An introduction to Earthing; lightning protection and EMC requirements for a building 10-09-19 View Details
  • Gear Foundation Day 11-09-19 View Details
  • Electrical Problem Solving                          16-09-19 View Details
  • Gear Noise & Transmission Error Management 18-09-19 View Details
  • FAST Live & Engineering Materials Live 19-09-19 View Details
  • Gear Cutting & Measurement 24-09-19 View Details
  • Power System Earthing 25-09-19 View Details
  • Instrumentation 30-09-19 View Details
  • Electronic Fault finding 30-09-19 View Details
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