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The course will include an Introduction to Gears Part 1: Gear Fundamentals; Law of Gearing; The Involute Form; Power Transmission; Motion Control; Gear Types – Features and Benefits. It will also include an Introduction to Gears Part 2: Noise & Load with Modes of Failure (Bending; Pitting; Micro-Pitting; Scuffing; Wear) Gear Rating methods; Application Factors; Gear Lubrication; Noise & Vibration basics; Transmission Error. Finally; an Introduction to Gears Part 3: Gear Manufacture Gear is included with Material Specification; Gear Manufacturing Methods (Forming; Moulding; Machining; Hobbing; Shaping; Shaving; Honing; Grinding and Finishing); Heat Treatment and Gear Measurement.

Derby Conference Centre
London Road
DE24 8UX