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This event took place on 18th July 2019, so you won't be able to enquire. They may run the event again in the future. Contact the member by visiting their profile using the 'Member Profile' link above.

The International Neuropsychoanalysis Society has held an annual Congress since 2000 on topics of mutual interest to psychoanalysis and the neurosciences. This year the 20th International NPSA Congress in Brussels addresses the topic of sex; drive and enjoyment. To date; neuropsychoanalysis might be seen as a rather desexualized body of theories; studies; and methods: sexual topics pop up here and there; but not in any systematic way that recognizes sexuality as a constitutive foundation of the human condition. This Congress aims to rectify this impression. The Congress will take inspiration from Freud’s notion of the “experience of satisfaction” as well as from various post-Freudian notions; such as the prominent place given by Lacan to enjoyment (jouissance) in relation to human subjectivity.

Université Libre de Bruxelles
La Salle Dupréel
ULB Campus du Solbosch; Batiment S Avenue Jeanne 44 1050 Bruxelles

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