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Living with autism, a mental health condition or learning difficulty can lead to problems making decisions, controlling emotions and choosing appropriate behaviour.

Brain in Hand is an on demand support system that gives people access to detailed personalised support from their smartphone, putting the individual more in control of their own support. Always available, it gives easy access to reminders, notes, coping strategies and a team of trained professionals to give help when and where it’s needed.

It’s helping almost two thousand people across the UK to reduce anxiety and improve independence, reducing demand on carers and support services.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Brain in Hand Specialist

    Training Course | Brain in Hand Limited

    Brain in Hand Limited

    This 2-day training course is for Brain in Hand Specialists who will be delivering personal planning sessions to users who have been recommended Brain in Hand. The training will provide you with the knowledge to use the technology; understand the processes involved; how to use the solution-focused approach when working with users; and support users to get optimum benefit from Brain in Hand. The course is the first step to becoming an Accredited Brain in Hand Specialist.

  • Brain in Hand Awareness Workshop

    Workshop | Brain in Hand Limited

    Brain in Hand Limited

    This workshop is for University staff and Needs Assessors who will be assessing students specific needs and/or supporting them at University. The workshop will provide attendees with the knowledge of the technology; understand the processes involved; to support students to get optimum benefit from Brain in Hand. Resources accessed via Brain in Hand website will include step-by-step guides for Needs Assessors on how to recommend Brain in Hand; explain what Brain in Hand is to the student; how it works; and the benefits. Included in the workshop will be short video clips of a Personal Planning session and Brain in Hand users who will explain how the system helps them. These useful resources will help a potential users and supporter to understand the benefits. We have written consent to share from people in the videos.

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