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Organisation Description

We are a group of content designers with over 100 years’ content experience between us. We run our own businesses as well as offer training, so we quite literally practice what we preach. We have experience in all the examples we cover in the training so you will be able to see how we applied our thinking to real-world situations. Nothing matters more to your website or digital service than compelling, relevant content. Sign up for our courses, and start creating content that works for your audiences – and you.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Content Design training

    Training Course | Content Design London

    Content Design London

    Digital content isn’t just writing for the web anymore. We teach content design – the discipline that starts by defining audience needs so that an organisation can communicate in a way and at the time and place that suits their audience best. This course teaches SEO; agile content practices; writing for the web; how to have tricky conversations with stakeholders and more. It is a complete course in how to communicate on the internet in a user-centred way.

  • Content Design

    Training Course | Content Design London

    Content Design London

    Students will run a complete content design project for a client; learning from some of the team who created the discipline. It’s a hands-on; producing-work project. Students will be creating digital content for a charity that will be published and will have to convince them of their decisions.

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