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Organisation Description

ETHOS was formed in 2014 as a result of a feasibility study completed in partnership with a Pharmaceutical company in the interests of furthering medical science / MedTech innovation.

Ethos was formed from subject matter experts in the compliance requirements for the NHS covering security, information governance (data protection toolkit formerly Information Governance Tool Kit), clinical safety and General Data Protection Regulations coming together. As a team we are best placed to provide instant expert recommendations to enable the software to be implemented at pace in the NHS.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Clinical Safety Training

    Workshop | ETHOS Ltd

    ETHOS Ltd

    Implementing the manufacturers DCB 0129 & health organisation DCB 0160 standards can be daunting. ETHOS Director Stuart Harrison co-authored these standards and continues to lead their development internationally (ISO). Experience comes from our expert team who are leading the future ISO standards for medical devices. Our training provides synergy to medical device standards. ETHOS will guide you through understanding the standards and implementing the clinical safety standards in your organisation. Our approach builds workforce culture; confidence and competence; your greatest asset. We’ve a deep understanding in the context of implementing within NHS provider organisations seeking to build capacity in DCB 0129 & DCB 0160.

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