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Make a splash with EventTrix – and get shaken and stirred into the exciting world of events and hospitality!

EventTrix is a comprehensive learning platform dedicated to the events and hospitality industry. If you want to work or advance in these fields, then you need a specialist who knows the industry inside and out – and that’s exactly what you get with our online training. We’re a team of event managers, chefs, photographers, caterers, wine experts, and party planners who started from the bottom and have seen and done it all. Now we want to share our experiences and insights to prepare the next generation of event and hospitality pros!

We offer practical, results-driven online training designed to get you working in your field immediately after graduation. With our internationally accredited courses, you can get certified in event planning, hotel management, bartending, catering, hospitality, and food and beverage service all from the comfort of your own home. We also provide general business courses that any professional, entrepreneur, or small business owner should have under their belt. Whether you’re just starting out, need a boost in your job performance, or are looking to be your own boss, EventTrix training gives you the edge you need to succeed in these competitive industries.

70,000 students are already reaping the rewards of our training – invest in your career and sign up today!

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Mobile Photography

    Online Course | EventTrix

    Did you know hundreds of thousands of people around the world; if not millions; are taking professional-level photos using only their phones? Just a few years ago; cellphone cameras were blurry; and pretty much good for nothing; but that’s all changed. Smartphone and iPhone cameras are highly advanced and can take stunning pictures that rival the pros with all their equipment. With a wide assortment of apps; equipment; and communities to make your photos amazing and get them out there; there has never been a better time to get into mobile photography.

  • Music & Film Events Manager

    Online Course | EventTrix

    Planning and running a concert or film festival can be a daunting task. These events need responsible; informed and resourceful organization to ensure smooth operation and enjoyment for everyone involved. Recognizing this strengthening trend; we’re thrilled to bring you this exhilarating course. Some members of our team have particular expertize in the film festival and concert-planning sectors. They know how rewarding and fulfilling it can be to plan and run a successful event in these fields. If you love music or film; the opportunities to shape your life and earn your income around your passion are endless and very exciting!

  • Networking Events Organizer

    Online Course | EventTrix

    We live in a global world; yet face-to-face interaction is more important than ever. Thus; all businesses; big and small; rely on networking events to develop meaningful relationships with partners and clients. Networking events range from local meet-ups to international conferences costing hundreds of millions of dollars. Everyone and anyone benefits from the ability to work their network and these events make it easy to do so. Getting involved with these events not only allows you to add to your skillset; but it lets you change the business landscape by fostering partnerships and witnessing historic deals.

  • Party Planner

    Online Course | EventTrix

    For many people; planning a party is a huge stress; and so they are often happy to hire someone to help shoulder the burden and take away that pressure. Whether you are looking to start your first career; or looking to change to a new career; our online Party Planning course will help you get started with your new and exciting business of making people happy. Our Party Planning course material is available to you at all times online; so you can work on starting your new life when and where it is convenient to you.

  • Professional Waiter Diploma

    Online Course | EventTrix

    The restaurant industry is competitive and fierce. Make your resume stand out from the crowd with our Professional course. Get practical; hands-on training to work in luxury hotels; 5-star restaurants; and the hottest bars in town! There is more to being a waiter than taking orders and serving plates; and we’ll help you to master every aspect of your new role. With our lessons and video tutorials; you’ll learn how to maximize tips; deliver excellent service; and take your career to the next level. Afterwards; you’ll receive a certificate from an internationally-accredited course to prove your experience and training.

  • Public Relations

    Online Course | EventTrix

    From start-ups to billion dollar companies; everyone needs PR. In the age of persistent digital media; it is more important than ever to be able to manage a brand presence and speak directly to the right audience. A career in PR is a dynamic career in a world that never sleeps. Whether you work for an agency or on your own; you will discover a career that gives you the chance to meet people you would never have expected. EventTrix gives you the theoretical and practical tools that you need to hit the ground running in PR.

  • Start Your Business

    Online Course | EventTrix

    While most people who own and run their own companies will say how rewarding it is; they will also tell you how busy and challenging it can be. Before making any plans; you need to be as prepared as possible for what lies ahead. We understand the many fears and worries setting up a business can bring. To help you allay these worries and prepare you for the entrepreneurial world; we’ve compiled this Start Your Own Business course; especially focused on the business areas our students are trained in.

  • Wedding Planner

    Online Course | EventTrix

    Our Wedding Planner course will give you an excellent grounding in all aspects of planning a wedding celebration. We’ll take you through the ins and outs of choosing a venue; catering; music and transport. You’ll know what to expect if asked to plan different types of ceremonies for a range of beliefs and traditions. Learn how to lay tables for the banquet; what to bear in mind when dressing the wedding party and when planning pre- and after- wedding parties. Finally; you’ll study how to keep a budget and analyse the event so you can continually improve your service.

  • Wine Appreciation

    Online Course | EventTrix

    Whether you want to become a certified sommelier or you just want to learn how to properly choose and serve wine at your dinner parties; our Wine Appreciation course is the best way for you to prepare yourself. Knowing how to choose the proper wine for any situation will serve you well in your life. If you want to impress someone on your first date; make your dinner party go as seamless as possible; or even recommend the perfect wine to pair with your customers’ meals; knowledge of wine appreciation is invaluable.