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Organisation Description

GeoInnovations is a geotechnical engineering company providing licences to contracts relating to specialist underpinning and ground stabilisation services. GEO Innovations is a collective of inquisitive civil and materials engineers who devise innovative new solutions to construction problems. Combining extensive knowledge of soils and construction chemicals we set about testing economic and effective techniques of strengthening non-cohesive soils.

Geo Innovations provide international licences for the use of our ReFORCE and Geo4RCE products. We provide advice to structural engineers and developers undertaking the ground stabilisation and underpinning projects.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Permeation Engineering

    Seminar | Geoinnovations


    Process for forming soil strengthened masses radially from an injection lance for the purpose of forming structural elements; such as piles; in-situ. Also the formation of structural curtains for running sands.

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