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Organisation Description

Holly & Hugo is your one-stop shop for animal care and pet education. Our online
courses support pet owners, entrepreneurs, and animal care workers with quality
content and resources on creatures big and small – and everything in between! All
our courses are accredited by the International Council for Online Educational
Standards (ICOES), and written by leading veterinarians, animal behaviorists,
nutritionists, groomers, and wildlife experts.

Course topics are diverse, and range from career training (Veterinary Technician,
Animal Physical Therapy, etc.) to pet care (Pet First AID, Pet Adoption, etc.), and
small business owners (Dog Grooming, Pet Sitting, etc.)

We’ve educated over 36,000 students from 87 countries, and boast a satisfaction
rate of over 90% – and we’re not done yet!

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Animal Training & Pet Sitting

    Online Course | Holly and Hugo

    With this course; we look at life with a pet from their point of view as well as yours. We outline behaviour modification advice and training that respects your pets’ natural instincts and inherent natures. We also include guidelines for tricks and games. This course teaches you a comprehensive range of approaches and disciplines. We’ll also give you a head start on how to turn your training into a business.

  • Dog Behaviour & Training

    Online Course | Holly and Hugo

    This course will teach you to understand and use dog psychology to train and correct bad behaviours. It will give you skills on how to master reward-based training as well as how to train effectively using a clicker. It will help you to feel confident teaching basic and advanced commands. You will know how to crate train any dog successfully so they happily go into their ‘den’ when you need to go out. Improve the relationship with your dog through an understanding of how their mind works; what motivates them; and how to make them feel secure.

  • Animal Psychology

    Online Course | Holly and Hugo

    Better understand your pets and develop a better relationship with them with this course. How dogs; cats; rabbits; and other animals experience the world is quite different from humans. By delving into the psychology behind their behaviour; reactions and natural instincts; you can ensure that your pets are healthy and happy. Use the information in this course to build the ideal environment for your pets and develop stronger bonds with them.

  • Animal Care

    Online Course | Holly and Hugo

    Every pet owner knows how intriguing and complex animals can be. Each creature is endearingly individual and full of surprises. With this course before we get you to the hands-on part of their personal care; we take you through their psychology; so you fully understand their habits; instincts; and development. We’ll also give you a real insight into what can cause a pet to be unhappy or stressed. We include care on many creatures; from rabbits & guinea pigs to hamsters; gerbils; mice & exotic rats. We also cover birds; from small to large; fish; and reptiles.

  • Animal Physical Therapy

    Online Course | Holly and Hugo

    Learn all about the types and methods of physiotherapy and how it can help your pet. You will learn how to improve the mobility of specific joints and how to perform massage techniques on your pet to build muscle strength and help them relax. You will also develop the ability to read the signs of pain in cats and dogs as well as know when physiotherapy can help your pet and recognizing when to avoid it. You will be improving your knowledge of dog anatomy and when to get your pet referred to a veterinary physiotherapist.

  • Care of the Senior Pet

    Online Course | Holly and Hugo

    “Care of the Older Pet” is an invaluable guide for the concerned pet parent who wishes their senior pet to get the most out of life. This course is all about keeping your pet healthy; happy; and active into their senior years. It gives you an understanding of the ageing process in cats and dogs; and practical tips on how to give them a comfortable; stimulating; and enjoyable old age so they stay fitter for longer.

  • Careers with Animals

    Online Course | Holly and Hugo

    An ideal course for anyone with an aptitude for animals. It will help you discover where your strengths and talents lie and then brainstorm jobs that match your capabilities. You will learn how to uncover employment opportunities; and how to apply for those jobs to maximize your chances of success. Also; you’ll find a comprehensive directory of careers in the animal health; pet; and animal-related sectors; what those jobs entail and the qualifications needed. We cover how to apply to vet school and increase your chance of receiving an offer; to training as an animal nutritionist through to a zookeeper.

  • Dog Socialisation and Obedience

    Online Course | Holly and Hugo

    Be your own dog behaviourist and training guru. When you work hands-on with your dog on training and obedience; it strengthens your bond and builds trust. When you can correct your dog’s behaviour; teach them new skills; and give them challenges; your dog will have more respect for you as a leader; and more love for you as an owner. This course is suitable for everyone; of any experience level; and will teach you strong leadership skills and obedience tips that anyone can master.

  • Essential Cat and Kitten Care

    Online Course | Holly and Hugo

    Whether you are a first-time owner or experienced cat guardian; this course is perfect for you. With this course; you will understand what type of cat is best for you. You will learn about cat body language; cat behaviours and communication and the no-hiss way to introduce a new cat to your existing pets. Understand the preventative healthcare your cat needs and how to keep them physically and mentally fit. Learn to make informed decisions about feeding your cat for optimal good health; the importance of play; and how to minimize scratching.

  • Market Your Business

    Online Course | Holly and Hugo

    Targeting your marketing investments wisely – both time and money – can make the difference between struggling and thriving. It’s essential to know the principles and theories in marketing before you begin yours. Once you’re familiar with these; you need to know how to implement the most up to date developments in online marketing; so you keep the edge in your market. In this Marketing course; we take the introductory Marketing ideas included in our Start Your Business course and expand them. We help you delve further into both the theory and the practical implementation of marketing techniques.

  • Pet Adoption

    Online Course | Holly and Hugo

    Get yourself ready for pet adoption with the knowledge; tools; and resources you need to transition a new pet into your home. Learn how to build a positive relationship; so that you can enjoy a lifelong friendship with your new pet. It offers you practical guidance on bringing the pet home; introducing other pets; and what to expect when the ‘honeymoon’ period ends. We also cover changing names; bonding with your new pet; and how to approach basic training as well as covering topics such as grooming; healthcare; and what to do when things go wrong.

  • Pet First Aid & CPR

    Online Course | Holly and Hugo

    Every pet owner or professional working with animals should know how to perform first aid. From cut pads; insect stings; and snake-bites; to chocolate poisoning; traffic accidents and choking; the unexpected can and does happen to the pets in our care. This comprehensive course equips you with the expertise to handle these situations and many others besides. In addition; you learn how to assess the patient and prioritize the most life-threatening problems.

  • Pet Nutrition

    Online Course | Holly and Hugo

    This course will help you understand your pet’s dietary needs and give a solid grounding in pet nutrition. It helps you understand food labelling; how much and when to feed; and covers all types of pets. A dog has different nutritional needs to a cat; which is different to a rabbit. Indeed; we don’t stop there because birds; fish; and reptiles all have specific needs. An appropriate; good quality diet is vital for our pets’ health and longevity; and this is the right course for you if you want to learn everything about feeding your pets.

  • Start Your Business

    Online Course | Holly and Hugo

    How to set up and run a business can be a daunting project. To help you allay the worries and prepare you for the entrepreneurial world; we’ve compiled this course. The course contains a wealth of knowledge and advice on all aspects of setting up and running a small; start-up business. Throughout the course; we give you lots of real-life examples of our advice in action. The easy to understand content is packed with inspiring material and workable ideas on all aspects of setting up and running a business.

  • Ultimate Guide To Dog Grooming

    Online Course | Holly and Hugo

    This course teaches you the knowledge; expert techniques and helpful practical tips you need to become a professional dog groomer. The pet care industry has experienced phenomenal growth over the past 10 years and dog groomers are in big demand. You’ll learn safe set-up and restraint procedures; the specific tools you need and how to deal with common skin disorders along with standard cuts for 12 breeds of dog; all in your own time. Through video tutorials you’ll see how to professionally bathe a dog and care for nails; ears; eyes and anal glands.

  • Veterinary Support Assistant

    Online Course | Holly and Hugo

    This course gives you a firm grounding with essential skills such as animal handling and restraint; pet psychology; recognizing pain; and working as part of a veterinary team – as well as an understanding of anatomy and physiology; and first aid. The Veterinary Support Assistant (VSA) is a highly capable member of the veterinary team; trained informally within the practice. A VSA is responsible for many crucial jobs within the clinic; such as ensuring good hygiene and sterility; handling animals; and interfacing with clients. Many VSAs use the opportunity to gain experience and go on to be Vet Technicians.

  • Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation

    Online Course | Holly and Hugo

    This course teaches you how to work with wild animals to ensure they are healthy; safe; and not at risk from environmental factors. You don’t need any prior veterinary knowledge; as this course will start with the basics. You’ll learn about responsible wildlife interaction; animal anatomy; and physiology; how to treat injuries in birds; mammals; reptiles; amphibians; and fish; how to assist in environmental disasters; and how to safely handle; transport and release wildlife. Whether you just love animals; or you are looking to volunteer at a nature reserve or zoo; this course is a great resource.