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Organisation Description

The Inner Strength Network (I.S.N) was set up with the aim of supporting women and girls and their families on gender equality issues. We are committed to working in the community in order to improve women and girls aspirations, their physical and emotional health and well-being and to support families to overcome difficult moments in their lives, discrimination or placed at a disadvantage.

Inner Strength adds its voice to the real life issues through discussion forums and events. We offer bespoke support to schools, colleges, universities, and other organisations, with aim to build character competence and creativity among staff and leaders.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • YASS programme train the trainer model

    Training Course | Inner Strength Network CIC

    Inner Strength Network CIC

    The YASS (You Are Safe You Are Special) programme is a 6-week programme which supports pupils and parents on addressing vulnerability to CSE and other forms of abuse.

  • GEL programme (Girls Empowered to Lead)

    Training Course | Inner Strength Network CIC

    Inner Strength Network CIC

    The GEL programme is a female empowerment course for ages 12-18 years old. It will include: CSE and its impact; Self Esteem; Body confidence; Staying safe on line; Healthy Relationships; Leadership Skills; Vision-building and goal setting; Communication; Planning and organisation; Budgeting and managing resources; Delegation/Networking.
    Please note that this course may be delivered in different ways. Please contact the provider for more detail.

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