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The purpose of the Institute of International Monetary Research is to demonstrate and bring to public attention the strong relationship between the quantity of money on the one hand, and the levels of national income and expenditure on the other.

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  • Money and Banking; and how they affect the overall economy

    Online Course | Institute of International Monetary Research

    Institute of International Monetary Research

    A specialised online programme for those already working in the economic and financial world. The course runs over four lectures; revealing how money is created (and destroyed) in modern economies; the effects of bank regulation on the overall economy and the impact of changes in the amount of money on asset and CPI prices and the business cycle. The course focuses on the study of how central banks make policy decisions; and how they affect banks and the economy as a whole. The course will be very timely to learn how to assess the effects of the policy responses given to the Covid-19 crisis.

Institute of International Monetary Research
c/o University of Buckingham
Hunter Street
MK18 1EG

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