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Organisation Description

International Open Academy is a leader in online learning. We are accredited by the International Council for Online Educational Standards (, and our online courses and exams are accessible to students all over the world – from any digital device. We’ve helped over 320,000 students from 139 countries upgrade their job training, launch new careers, and discover exciting new passions.

Our courses span a wide spectrum of topics, and are geared towards career training, skill development, and finding sustainable employment. Many of our courses offer Continuing Professional Education (CPD/CPE) credits, to give your current career a boost. We also help students satisfy their curiosities and explore hobbies and personal interests. You’ll find that course material is clear, concise, and focuses on practical training to prepare you for real world application. You won’t just be learning theory and facts – we’ll show you how to use your newfound skills to land jobs, advance in your career, and start applying your skills right away.

IOA is a proud member of the European Commission’s The Digital Skills & Jobs Coalition, a multi-stakeholder partnership involving Member States, companies, social partners, NGOs, and educational establishments working to advance digital skills and job training throughout the European Union. We are also proud to collaborate with Tech Partnership, where we join Google, Microsoft, IBM, Cisco, and others in the network, to promote skill development and training for today’s digital economy.

At IOA, we have something for everyone!

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Introduction to Astronomy

    Online Course | International Open Academy

    Are you interested in learning the stories of the universe? Would you like to acquire the skills necessary to translate the imprint of the night sky through adopting your own sky watching techniques and obtaining a greater understanding of the science of Astronomy? Upon completion of this course; students can enjoy the sky at night with a greater understanding of how the universe impacts us all; be able to tell engaging stories about the history of the planets and easily be able to identify; some with the naked eye and some with astronomers equipment; the various structures of the solar system.

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping

    Online Course | International Open Academy

    Everyone; whether you wish to become an accountant or just know more about your personal and business finances; can benefit from a better understanding of accounting and bookkeeping. The IOA Accounting & Bookkeeping course is designed to give you the basics you need to familiarize yourself with accounting and bookkeeping; to prepare yourself to begin a career in the field and/or to become a better asset to your business. The course is specially designed to make this seemingly insurmountable topic accessible and easy.

  • Make Up Artistry

    Online Course | International Open Academy

    “View but her face and in that little round you may observe a world of variety”. John Ford. And that the career opportunities are nearly endless? Whether you want to freelance at weddings; work in TV or cinema; in a beauty salon; become a writer or even a youtuber – the opportunities are enormous. It’s a fantastic and rewarding career where you get to make others look and feel beautiful and get paid to do so. And the best part is that you can easily adapt it to the lifestyle that best suits you.

  • PR - Public Relations

    Online Course | International Open Academy

    From start-ups to billion dollar companies; everyone needs PR. In the age of persistent digital media; it is more important than ever to be able to manage a brand presence and speak directly to the right audience. If you are organized; thoughtful and creative; a career in PR could be the perfect fit for your talents and lifestyle. This course combines all the experience of established PR specialists to give you what you need to have a solid foundation in public relations.

  • Physiotherapy Assistant

    Online Course | International Open Academy

    Begin a rewarding career as a physiotherapy assistant where you can make a meaningful difference in the lives of people in need. Every single day people suffer with physical and neurological disorders and injuries that require rehabilitation services. Upon completing this course; you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to begin your exciting career in physiotherapy. Our online course provides you instant access to the course material and allows you to complete your coursework on your own time and wherever it is most convenient to you.

  • Acne Treatment & Care

    Online Course | International Open Academy

    Usually; acne is not any severe threat to your health; but it can be emotionally challenging to deal with; and can also leave scarring. Those suffering from acne can have a hard time working out the reasons why the acne appears and what can be done about it. This course will provide you with plenty of information about its causes and show you the treatment options. Learn how to treat and manage acne with this comprehensive course on Acne Treatment.

  • Adobe InDesign

    Online Course | International Open Academy

    Adobe InDesign is a software package that is the industry standard across the publishing industry. With so many available functions; tools; and possible operations; it is difficult for even the most tech-savvy editor to know where to start. Our course is designed to help any willing user overcome these challenges by breaking down the primary functions. Using InDesign is a transferable skill that is crucial and valuable not only for the publishing industry but for anyone who works with any media because; in today’s world; it is not enough to create high content – it needs to look great too!

  • Adobe Lightroom

    Online Course | International Open Academy

    Everyone has heard the term “photoshopped;” which refers to editing done using Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Lightroom is another addition to the Adobe editing line-up; and every photographer and editor should know how to use it. Learning Adobe Lightroom is not just about learning how to edit photos. Using this essential guide to Lightroom; you get a jumpstart on industry-standard software that helps you prepare to process pictures and keeps you organized. By getting involved with Lightroom; you save time and are more productive; which means you can get back to doing what you love – taking amazing pictures.

  • American Sign Language

    Online Course | International Open Academy

    American sign language is a thriving language used throughout the world with users ranging between 250000 and 500000. Whether you’re seeking self-improvement and personal growth; work with the deaf community; or have friends or family members who are either deaf or are losing their hearing; learning American Sign Language; or ASL; can be immensely valuable to you. In addition to improving your skill set and learning a new language; you will learn how to use your body language and facial expressions to communicate; which can benefit you in every walk of life; including vocal communication.

  • American Sign Language: Level 2

    Online Course | International Open Academy

    If you’ve already completed our introductory course in American Sign Language; then this is the next step in your ASL education. This ASL Level 2 course is designed to continue your skill development in expressive signing. Building on previous knowledge of the ASL alphabet; facial expression; body language; syntax; and basic vocabulary; you’ll evolve your conversational fluency to tackle more sophisticated topics and sentence structure. Included in the course are vocabulary lessons; grammatical principles; and cultural concepts that students need to know to carry conversations in ASL at work; school; and a variety of social settings.

  • Animal Care

    Online Course | International Open Academy

    Taking care of all aspects of a pet’s life can be a tricky business. Cats can be spirited and mysterious. Dogs can be untameable but adorable. Before we get you to the hands-on part of their personal care we spend a lot of time taking you through their psychology; so you fully understand their habits; instincts and development first. This course will be of great interest to animal lovers and professionals in the pet care industry who would like to better understand the behaviour of animals; and how to properly care for pets.

  • Animal Grooming

    Online Course | International Open Academy

    If you want to work with dogs and have a strong empathy with animals; then maybe a career in grooming beckons. This Animal Grooming course covers everything you need to know; from a history of dog grooming to today’s popular styles; and what to do when accidents happen. This course will be of great interest to animal lovers and professionals in the pet care industry who would like to better understand the grooming of dogs; how to properly care for the dogs in your care; and to any learner who is interested in dog grooming as a future career.

  • Animal Physical Therapy

    Online Course | International Open Academy

    If you have an older pet; or one that is recovering from an injury; this course will teach you the myriad of ways that can help relieve pain; increase movement; and generally improve the health and happiness of your pet. If You are curious about different forms of physiotherapy; such as massage; hydrotherapy; passive movement; and heat; their benefits; how they work; and how they help the body to heal; want to understand about nutritional supplements that improve and protect joint health; and keep your pet supple in years to come; this course is a perfect match for you.

  • Animal Psychology

    Online Course | International Open Academy

    Learning what’s normal and what’s behind unusual or undesirable behaviour helps to get to grips with it. In this course; you’ll also discover how to treat habits and reactions that are not good for your pet or you. Once you understand what’s normal for an animal and why pets behave as they do; you’ll find it easier to find a solution. It is possible to resolve or vastly reduce the most disruptive behaviour. Don’t waste another day with an unhappy pet situation – start this course today and get back to that warm; fuzzy in-love-with-my-pet feeling.

  • Animal Training & Pet Sitting

    Online Course | International Open Academy

    Much as we might adore our pets; very often we are reminded that they are animal and not human. Sometimes; we need to train them to adjust to living in a rational world. Some social rules and boundaries need to be observed; so you and those around your pets stay safe and comfortable. Behaviour that could be dangerous must be managed responsibly. This course helps you understand what’s behind actions; reactions; and dispositions. We outline behaviour modification advice and training that respects your pets’ natural instincts and inherent natures. We also include guidelines for tricks and games.

  • Autism Awareness

    Online Course | International Open Academy

    Each year; the reported number of people afflicted with autism increases; and the autism community needs more people who are understanding of the condition and trained to help. Whether you are looking to make a career out of helping autistic people or just want to prepare yourself better; our online Autism Awareness course will help you turn your natural love of helping people into a new career or a rewarding volunteer experience. Young or old; we can help you get the training you need to take the next step towards improving others.

  • Baby Shower Party Planner

    Online Course | International Open Academy

    Imagine being a part of one of the happiest celebration of a persons’ life. Now; imagine being the person responsible for making that party one of their cherished memories for years to come. As a baby shower planner; your career will be surrounded by the excitement and joy of expecting mothers and their loving families as they prepare to welcome their little ones into the world. Our online course will equip you will all the tips; tricks; techniques; knowledge and fun activity ideas to begin your exciting and rewarding career as a baby shower planner!

  • Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Planning

    Online Course | International Open Academy

    What used to be seen as a last chance to party before marriage is becoming more of a celebration of the impending nuptials; and with this shift has come a desire and demand for more creative and exciting bachelor and bachelorette parties. If you are looking for a new career where you can be creative; have fun; and make people happy all at the same time; then this is the course for you. We give our students the chance to access our fantastic course material from anywhere; at any time.

  • Bar Management

    Online Course | International Open Academy

    Having bar management education will open new doors to you; whether you are looking for an internship or even a bar management position at a top venue; this is the foundation you need to build your career on. This is an ideal course for current and aspiring bartenders and servers. The more you know about the structure of bar management; the better you will be able to do your job! Better still; your knowledge and ability will impress your bosses; and that will bring you quick promotions and raises. You will also learn the fundamentals of creating mouth-watering beverages.

  • Bartender & Barista Training

    Online Course | International Open Academy

    Isn’t it impressive to see a professionally trained barista skilfully preparing coffee that smells so good it tempts people into his café? Have you ever seen a bartender captivate an audience with slick and confident cocktail preparation? You can do all that! During this course you’ll get the answers to all the important questions. Start your Bartender & Barista Training today and in no time at all you’ll have a new passport to many exciting jobs and locations; anywhere in the world.