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Organisation Description

We offer a range of training that suits the needs of our delegates, whether it be day or evening training. Our purpose is to provide delegates with a dynamic and practical training experience, reflecting key trends in publishing, such as e-books, self-publishing and developments in “agile” publishing. LSP undertook a strategic review to focus on five areas: (1) Editing: book editing, sub-editing, copy-editing; (2) Digital: social media, Adobe, e-publishing, writing for the Web; (3) Visual: picture research, infographics, art history; (4) Literature: creative writing, poetry, the novella and (5) Presenting: presenting skills, corporate presentations.
Located in Notting Hill Gate and Kensington, LSP has an ideal central London location to deliver its courses. LSP courses are CPD approved, facilitating employment and promotion.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Business Writing

    Training Course | London School of Publishing (LSP)

    Communication skills are vital in any industry – sourcing information and writing documents to relay key messages to various audiences are some of the essential skills that can be developed through the course. The two-day course is taught by the leading journalist; Marianne Gray; who has extensive experience both as a journalist and as a trainer. The course is essentially very realistic and contemporary. It is a relaxed class that covers a lot of ground and is designed to make your business corporate writing stand out in a crowd. It guides delegates on how to find and write vital information in the best style and deliver it to the correct reader. In class we write documents like mission statements; business reports; speeches and corporate documents for external; in-house; web and blog use. We will do our best to incorporate individual training needs. Prior to the course taking place; you will be required to provide details on your current role and areas that you wish to improve in terms of writing and what you are looking to gain from the course. The training is designed to be practical and offers considerable advice and information.Course delegates will submit a 1;500 word feature two weeks after completing the course. Topics can be related to either professional occupations or personal interest.

  • Sub-editing

    Training Course | London School of Publishing (LSP)

    Learn the core skills required to edit news stories; features; blogs and more to professional journalistic standards.The five week evening course will train you in the fundamental techniques of editing raw copy text; or even your own writing; into attention-grabbing and highly readable stories; as demanded by content publishers worldwide. It is aimed at a broad range of participants; from self-starter bloggers to experienced journalists who require formalised refresher training. You will learn how to approach written copy critically and reshape it into compelling editorial content that people will want to read. Focusing on practical exercises and using real-world examples; the course also focuses on the different sub-editing approaches required for various types of material; and explains the distinctive subbing methods demanded by print and online media.

  • Book Editing

    Training Course | London School of Publishing (LSP)

    The Book Editing course is a highly popular course; which has succeeded in providing an excellent base for the start of a career in publishing. The course is suitable for recent graduates; those changing career direction and those already in publishing and requiring refresher training. The examination-based course is designed for those wishing to work in editorial and proofreading and those who work in books and related publishing. It concentrates on editing and proofreading skills and the techniques required in preparing text for publication. At the same time; the focus is expanded to include information about production; design; rights and other aspects of publishing.

  • Copy Editing

    Training Course | London School of Publishing (LSP)

    Through a series of practical exercises; you will learn to approach the printed word in a more analytical and critical way; allowing you to spot errors quickly and have the confidence to rewrite everyday text into concise; precise and compelling editorial copy at high speed. You will also have the opportunity to master the latest BSI copy-editing and proof correction marks. Attendees will learn the essential parts of the BSI 5261-2:2005 copy preparation and proof correction marks.

  • Picture Research

    Training Course | London School of Publishing (LSP)

    The LSP Picture Research course is recognised as being the UK’s leading training course in this subject. The course is suitable for those interested in pursuing a career in picture research and picture editing; those in the early stages of their career or those who require refresher training to keep up-to-date with any changes affecting the industry. The project-based course is highly enjoyable and stimulating; with an emphasis on the practical issues relevant to the industry. The course keeps abreast of new developments; with special attention paid to the impact of digital technology and the role of the Internet. Member of the British Association of Picture Libraries and Agencies [BAPLA].

  • Independent Publishing: How To Make It On Your Own

    Training Course | London School of Publishing (LSP)

    Independent Publishing: How To Make It On Your Own is an intensive two day workshop for people who are interested in producing their own title or simply learning how it’s done. The hands-on workshop will cover the A-Z of what it takes to conceive; create; market and publish a new book or magazine by providing a step-by-step tool kit that is both practical and industry-focused. One-on-one learning will be at the heart of the workshop and as such there is a maximum of five places available. We want to give our attendees the chance to talk specifically about their project and tailor the learning to specific needs. Post-workshop support will also be made available; meaning that you’ll have help on the road to publishing your title.