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Organisation Description

The Medical Protection Society is the leading provider of comprehensive professional indemnity and expert advice to doctors dentists and health professionals around the world.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Medication Errors And Safer Prescribing In Primary Care

    Workshop | Medical Protection Society

    This workshop is design to enhance the understanding of errors in the medication process, and provide clinicians with some practical tips and strategies to help prescribe more safely.

  • Mastering Shared Decision Making

    Workshop | Medical Protection Society

    This workshop shows how the shared decision making model is an effective way to ensure that patients make appropriate and informed choices about the treatment options available to them. It explores the specific skills required by the doctor and provides techniques that can be used in practice.

  • Medical Records For GPs

    Workshop | Medical Protection Society

    This workshop will provide you with a thorough understanding of the importance of medical records and aims to enhance your skills in making and keeping quality medical records.

  • Mastering Professional Interactions

    Workshop | Medical Protection Society

    This workshop is designed to help identify the risk factors related to professional interactions. It provides proven techniques and models to reduce risk and improve patient outcomes.

  • Mastering Difficult Interactions With Patients

    Workshop | Medical Protection Society

    This workshop looks at ways to deal with difficult interactions with patients that can cause stress and provides techniques to handle the situations effectively and manage your own internal response.

  • Mastering Adverse Outcomes

    Workshop | Medical Protection Society

    Effective and ethical management of patient care following an adverse outcome can help to avoid a complaint or claim. This workshop explores the basic ethical and legal obligations on a doctor when discussing adverse outcomes with patients and their carers.

  • Mastering Your Risk

    Workshop | Medical Protection Society

    70% of clinical negligence claims are related to poor communication. This workshop provides a thorough grounding in the issues surrounding risk management. It introduces proven preventative skills and techniques you can implement immediately to reduce your exposure to litigation and complaints, and improve patient satisfaction.

  • Practical Guide to Risk Management in Primary Care

    Workshop | Medical Protection Society

    The aim of this in-house workshop is to assist primary healthcare professionals in connecting principles of risk management with practice and answer those basic questions about clinical governance and risk management.

  • Achieving Safer and Reliable Practice

    Training Course | Medical Protection Society

    This training course provides attendees with the knowledge; insight and essential strategies to help them to engage in reliability science. It provides them with the personal motivation and tools essential to consistently deliver reliable and safer clinical care by identifying the most critical areas of risk.

  • Repeat Prescribing Journey

    Training Course | Medical Protection Society

    To help better understand the potential errors in the repeat prescribing process and appreciate a better understanding of the systems used. As well as to minimize the risk involved and I identify any areas for improvement while reducing the potential for harm to patients

  • Medical Records for Secondary Care

    Training Course | Medical Protection Society

    This workshop will help delegates recognise how records can enhance clinical care as well as to understand the legal and regulatory requirements involved with keeping medical records.

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