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Organisation Description

The Nelson Trust was founded in 1985 near Stroud in Gloucestershire by Roy and Mary Brash. The charity began life as a supportive shared residence for people recovering from alcohol addiction, and over a period of a few short years it developed into a residential treatment centre providing a comprehensive programme of care and support for people looking for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

The programme brought together a staff team with a range of specialist therapeutic skills and they developed services which could support people with complex needs including trauma, mental health problems, criminal justice issues and family problems.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Trauma Informed Approaches

    Training Course | Nelson Trust

    Nelson Trust

    The course aims to deliver the following: Understanding trauma and trauma triggers; 5 core principles of Trauma informed working; Understand the difference between trauma informed care and trauma specific treatment; Complete a self-assessment of current policy and procedure within own organisation; Understand the process of healing from trauma; Develop awareness of what safety is and how it can be facilitated; Develop practical tools to translate client presentation through trauma lens; Apply direct learning to case study scenarios; Consolidating learning from the day; developing theoretical understanding into practical application; Apply learning to current client base; Solidify learning through queries; Have opportunity for further learning or discussion.

  • Engaging active substance misusers

    Training Course | Nelson Trust

    Nelson Trust

    The course aims to deliver the following: Develop an awareness of NPS; Develop awareness of contributory factors to substance misuse; Develop awareness of the facilitating motivation for change; Gain an awareness of the breadth and depth of common factors which influence substance misuse; Increase knowledge of recovery capital intervention model; Develop practical tools to apply recovery capital model into client needs; Consolidate learning; increase toolkit for engagement; Develop professional toolkit to support active substance users; Understand the services and interventions available for supporting clients to exit substance misuse; Understand the impact of practitioner attitude on client engagement.

  • CSE – Trauma responsive approaches to Child sexual exploitation

    Training Course | Nelson Trust

    Nelson Trust

    A training course focusing on utilising Trauma informed & Trauma responsive approaches when supporting those affected by or involved with CSE. Learning Outcomes include: Understand what CSE is; Understand the impact on young people & families; Know the signs and indicators; Know how to refer concerns; Understand and complete the CSE Screening Tool.

  • Advanced Trauma Training

    Training Course | Nelson Trust

    Nelson Trust

    We are an award winning charity specialising in delivering holistic; trauma informed services. We provide a range of one day training courses designed for statutory; third sector and healthcare professionals and commissioners. This is a one day training course supporting participants to look at Trauma Informed Approaches in more depth.

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