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Organisation Description

At QURECA we are creating global opportunities with Quantum Technologies.
All resources you need to be ready, make a difference, and create value.
We provide the link between the stakeholders in the quantum community.

In 2019, the Royal Society described QURECA Ltd as the company that “fills the gaps in the existing quantum community, creating a society ready for quantum through a common language.”
Our services include business development, business intelligence, training and recruitment.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Quantum for everyone

    Online Course | QURECA


    Quantum technologies are not only for physicists. “Quantum for Everyone”; a new online course for non-specialists designed by QURECA’s experts; will help you understand quantum technologies and spot opportunities to apply quantum technologies to solve challenges in your own organization. If you are a non-technical business professional; “Quantum for Everyone” will help you understand how to build a sustainable quantum strategy. If you are a quantum software developer or a quantum engineer; this is the course to ask your manager; VP or CEO to take if you want them to understand what you can – and cannot ! – do with quantum technologies.

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