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Organisation Description

SE Controls is a leading specialist provider of smoke and natural ventilation solutions providing adaptive and tailored ventilation strategies for new and refurbished buildings.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Automated Window Control

    Seminar | SE Controls

    Seminar explains the basis and benefits of window automation and its supporting control technology. It also covers when and where window automation should be used, design, specification and installation guidance and relevant regulations.

  • Natural Ventilation By Window & Louvre Automation

    Seminar | SE Controls

    Seminar covers the history of natural ventilation in the built environment, explains the advantages and disadvantages of adaptive natural ventilation; the issues and concerns that need to be addressed during the design stage; the control options available and how to ensure the contracting process is as smooth as possible.

  • Smoke Ventilation For Residential Buildings

    Seminar | SE Controls

    Seminar discusses the issues of smoke control systems in residential buildings, focusing on natural smoke ventilation systems. Compliance with current building regulations, design considerations and types of systems available are covered. Includes case studies.

  • Hot Corridors

    Seminar | SE Controls

    This presentation addresses the growing issue of overheating in common areas; the causes, the impact and potential ways to use existing equipment to alleviate the problems.

  • Introduction & Guide To Bs7346-8

    Seminar | SE Controls

    This seminar introduces and guides you through bs7346-8: code of practice for planning, design, installation, commissioning & maintenance of smoke control systems. The standard, published in December 2013, defines a clear process to be followed and includes identification of responsibility.