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Organisation Description

TDSi has been at the forefront of access control and integrated security management for over 30 years. With a comprehensive range of access control and IP CCTV products the portfolio can be easily integrated into other security and BMS applications.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Access Control Overview

    Training Course | TDSi

    This one hour seminar provides an overview of the principles of access control and a basic understanding of the elements of an access control system.

  • Authorised Installer Training

    Training Course | TDSi

    This course provides a basic overview of how to install tdsi product portfolio and how to successfully diagnose and rectify faults.

  • Access Control: System Design Options

    Seminar | TDSi

    Provides an overview of the options available when designing an access control system; covering a summary of the main points to consider and the benefits for each.

  • Beyond Access Control

    Seminar | TDSi

    This seminar provides an understanding of the benefits and applications of access control beyond simply securing doors.

BH12 4QT

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