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TheraPlate UK are the official UK, Ireland and European distributors of the totally unique and advanced therapy platform, Theraplate. The Theraplate, a product of over 30 years research and development, is a therapy platform which utilises advanced, patented Vortex Wave Circulation Therapy. Revolutionising the rehabilitation of horses, humans and dogs as we know it, the Theraplate is also used for sports conditioning and recovery. The TheraPlate is supported by veterinarians, rehabilitation specialists and trainers across numerous disciplines including racing, dressage and show jumping.

This year has seen an exciting launch of independent clinical trials using the Theraplate with some fantastic results from investigating the effect of regular Theraplate sessions on the bones and musculature of mature horses. These sets of data will further inform and improve the equestrian rehabilitation and therapy field.
The advanced Theraplate doesn’t vibrate and is impact and concussion free, making it ideal for rehabilitation, recovery and sports conditioning. Strong and durable, the Theraplate can hold up to 2,500 pounds but is light enough to be easily transportable operated by a simple dial system on the control box with plenty of accompanying support online and via the free downloadable app. The exclusive benefits of the Theraplate are enjoyed by satisfied clients all around the globe, reporting positive improvements to their horse’s performance and recovery from injury.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • IATS Training Day

    Training Course | TheraPlate UK

    TheraPlate UK

    A training day to inform independent TheraPlate businesses on how to effectively implement TheraPlate sessions.

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