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Vastern Timber is one of the largest British hardwood sawmills in the country, specialising in cutting and manufacturing native grown timbers including English oak, sweet chestnut, ash, sycamore and larch.

CPD Courses and Workshops Available

  • Thermally Modified Hardwoods in Construction

    Seminar | Vastern Timber Company Ltd

    Vastern Timber Company Ltd

    Thermally modified timber is becoming increasingly popular in the UK construction industry. Ideal for cladding; decking and external joinery this type of product is set to grow its market share. This seminar provides an in depth explanation of how the product is produced; its benefits and applications.

  • Selecting the right timber cladding

    Seminar | Vastern Timber Company Ltd

    Vastern Timber Company Ltd

    There are now many choices to consider when selecting a timber cladding product. This CPD considers all of the commercial choices as well as the key questions that should be answered before a decision is made. The presentation also considers the reasons why timber cladding can look unsightly after a few years of weathering and choices that can help to avoid this situation.

Vastern Timber Company Ltd
The Sawmills
Wootton Bassett, Swindon

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