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i2 Analyst’s Notebook Importing

03 Nov 2020

About the event

Increase your knowledge of the importing functionality available in the software. Build on previous knowledge gained on the Analyst’s Notebook Standard Course; or gained by the use of the software over a period of time. Import complex data from a variety of data sources and types. Cleanse data whilst importing without affecting the original file. Share and manage import specifications to allow effective and efficient working practices. The course uses a variety of information to ensure that students deal with familiar data: such as communication records; financial records; and a variety of standard intelligence reports.

CPD Provider

Shortest Path Training

Shortest Path Training

Shortest Path Training

At Shortest Path Training we understand that different organisations and individuals have very different training needs. We offer a range of open courses taught at regular intervals, or we can provide unique, bespoke courses based upon specific functionality and data sets; and reflecting the students’ current software knowledge. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with students who have varying levels of skill and our ability to make people feel comfortable. We provide an environment which encourages questions, discussion, and “giving it a go”. Our trainers’ practical experience allows them to help students relate the materials covered to their own working environment.

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