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Employment Law Update

31 Mar 2020

About the event

Participants will have an increased understanding of new legislation such as minimum wage; recent case law; family leave updates; SEO’s etc. Focus is placed on emerging trends and upcoming legislation such as bogus self-employment and gender pay; amongst others. A short session from ‘myAccessHub’ will be provided to highlight the emerging trend of ‘inclusive’ workplaces to encompass neuro-diversity. Participants will receive our top tips for managing their employees to lead their way in a positive manner. Participants will have the opportunity to raise questions in a public forum or on an individual manner with members of the HR team present.

CPD Provider

HR and Business Solutions T/A The HR Suite

HR and Business Solutions T/A The HR Suite

HR and Business Solutions T/A The HR Suite

The HR Suite provide tailored and effective human resources and complementary services including training to a wide variety of clients nationwide. We facilitate companies to outsource their HR in the most cost-efficient way. For smaller companies we may be the only HR expertise for owners/manager to discuss any potential problems in a confidential manner. For larger organisations we may be an external unbiased sounding board for the current HR person or team. In the complex and ever-changing human resources and employment legislation arena we provide organisations with timely and accurate HR advice, support and training on a comprehensive range of topics. We have four key departments with include: Human Resource Management; Employment Law; Training and Recruitment. We assist in developing business strategies, organisational design, job specifications performance and people management. With offices in Dublin and Kerry and a nationwide client base of SME's and multinationals, The HR Suite has over 500 clients throughout Ireland.