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2 day foundation course in Motivational Interviewing in Brain Injury Rehabilitation

30 Jun 2020

About the event

Motivational Interviewing is effective; evidence based and deeply client centred approach aimed at helping people achieve positive behaviour change. These courses are suitable for practitioners working in the brain injury field who would like to learn; consolidate and develop motivational interviewing and how it can be integrated into brain injury rehabilitation. The two - day foundation course follows the same pathway as the introductory workshop. The content includes the underlying rationale of MI and its relevance to brain injury; an overview of the evidence base and opportunities to learn about; practise and apply core skills within each process of engaging; focussing; evoking and planning. The additional time is significant as it means that participants have much more time to observe; practise and gain feedback on their use of motivational interviewing throughout the course. The key to successful integration of MI into practice is through practise and feedback. The two day introductory course offers the participant an opportunity to attain a deeper understanding of MI through observing and practising interventions as they progress through the learning. Typical participants on a two day course are people who have had little or no training and would like to invest in a full two days of learning to help them begin to incorporate the approach into their practice. As in the one-day course participants may have previously attended introductory MI training and would like the opportunity to either revisit MI within a brain injury context OR refresh and consolidate their skills.

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