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NHS Communications Virtual Conference

30 Jun 2020

About the event

We are proud to provide details of the first NHS Communications Virtual Conference; this virtual event will provide NHS Communications professionals with a safe and secure platform to listen; learn and engage with peers and some of the most well recognized NHS speakers in the country.

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Convenzis Group

Convenzis Group

Convenzis Group

Our events provoke technical and practical debate through keynote presentations, our contributors include UK and foreign ministers, senior civil servants, private sector experts and academics, discussing the latest initiatives and projects along with case studies and comments on Best Practice. Aimed towards insightful discussion of key public and private sector topics. Convenzis provides fast, accurate and relevant political monitoring, campaigning tools, and research services for public and private affairs professionals. We focus on the UK, Europe and afar to show how new and innovative case studies and policies can be replicated to benefit any company or public body looking to increase efficiency and promote change.

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