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Foundation practical skills for Use of Ultrasound Imaging in Injection Guidance. Orca POD courses

15 Apr 2021

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Foundation practical skills for Use of Ultrasound Imaging in Injection Guidance. Orca POD courses - Practical On demand … is a unique way of training that utilises modern AV technology and Ultrasound technology in practical learning to take the learner from Exploration (first experience) to Master ship (proficiency) of their ultrasound skills. This foundation course is a basic ultrasound skills course which includes needle guidance techniques and skills under ultrasound guidance. Every Trainee has an ultrasound system to practice with for the duration of the course. All courses have experienced expert lecturers who teach and assess and are available for the month to ask key learning points and advice.

CPD Provider

Orca Medical Ltd

Orca Medical Ltd

Orca Medical Ltd

Orca Medical was founded when two highly experienced industry professionals realised that while a growing number of practitioners are looking to bring the benefits of ultrasound skills into their practice, their access to an extended choice of scanners that may suit their needs is quite limited. We are committed to delivering solutions for healthcare professionals and use our knowledge to source and select portable ultrasound systems that offer a promising balance of cost and performance for a particular type of use. Before making a product available, we ask experts to evaluate its suitability, looking at the acceptability of imaging and value for money it offers. Scanners that pass our test of being within a certain price range and also offering optimum performance for that price are then made available and use on courses so that delegates can experience what those different price levels mean in terms of performance and make informed judgements about what will be most appropriate to purchase for their practice. This has a further benefit, in that course organisers frequently face restrictions in obtaining enough equipment to deliver the practical scanning essential for skills development. We want to help expand the availability and quality of training, at all levels.

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