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Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing® (LiPS) for Reading; Spelling; and Speech

08 Mar 2021

About the event

The LiPS course explores the sensory-cognitive processes basic to phonemic processing; decoding; spelling; and reading in context. Participants will learn the role of phonemic awareness in tracking sounds and letters within words; decoding; spelling and development of fluency in contextual reading for all ages of students. Information and techniques are gained through discussion; demonstration; video; reading; and supervised practice allowing class members to learn to “respond to the response” to develop sensory-cognitive functions; and integrate the steps into any curriculum; phonics programme; reading programme; or language arts programme.

CPD Provider

Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes

Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes

Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes

Founded in 1986 and in the UK since 2002, Lindamood-Bell has pioneered evidence-based programmes that develop the imagery-language foundation underlying reading, spelling, language comprehension, maths, memory, and critical thinking. Aligned with the Science of Reading from the start, Lindamood-Bell for Schools offers Levels of CPD, from initial workshops and on-demand refinement courses to live in-classroom support and advanced instructional leadership development. We believe, passionately, that all children and adults can be taught to read, comprehend, and do maths to their potential.