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ACCT webinar Let’s talk Self

17 Jun 2021

About the event

What this all comes down to is that we aim to increase quality of life for the patients suffering from bladder and bowel dysfunction. To achieve the correct diagnosis; in the shortest time possible; can be life changing for these patients. Incontinence problems may affect not only the patient; but also the partner. We need to start treating bladder and bowel care together; discuss and ask about the problems with the correct vocabulary and to avoid the stigma. Sexuality and intimacy are an important part of most people’s quality of life; for those with extra challenges the different possibilities need to be highlighted and discussed in terms of medical evidence.

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Wellspect HealthCare

Wellspect HealthCare

Wellspect HealthCare

Wellspect HealthCare, the name behind LoFric® and Navina™ Systems, is a leading global provider of innovative continence care solutions. We passionately strive to make a real difference every day to everyone who needs our products and services. That is why every solution bearing the Wellspect HealthCare name carries with it the trust and dependability built on more than 30 years of life-improving performance. As part of our ongoing commitment to minimising environmental impact, our production in Sweden is powered using “green” energy.