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Risk budgeting in active management

09 Dec 2021

About the event

Success is not random – only with optimized risk budgeting can investors achieve reliable success. Risk budgeting provides the framework on which single portfolio construction decisions can be built within daily work: How to allocate active risk strategically? For example: Duration? Spreads? FX? Equity vs. FI? Stock selection? The course covers: Risk and performance potential of active management decisions; Accessing investment skills and the benefits of improved skills. How to derive optimal risk budgeting from your available skill set?

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Panthera Solutions Sarl

Panthera Solutions Sarl

Panthera Solutions Sarl

Panthera Solutions Sarl is an Applied Behavioural Finance specialist, based in the Principality of Monaco. Our Intuitive Behavioural Design solutions empower asset managers and asset owners to significantly, lastingly and measurably improve their investment decision quality. We inclusively facilitate directed change in the customised form of training, coaching, consulting and Behaviour-Tech solutions. Our assignments (EUR 100+ billion AuC) and academic publications have proven us to be innovation leaders in Europe. Our most recent launch, the Panthera Tree, is a unique Behaviour-Tech solution that facilitates most evidence-based investment decisions for professional investors to strengthen their competitive edge.

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