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The Business Transformation

17 Sep 2021

About the event

This 3 Day Workshop is designed for new or current service based female entrepreneurs to set up for online business success. Over the 3 days it focuses on set up - systems and sales! From the mind-set to the strategy needed; you will learn and implement and walk away ready to transform your life and business.

CPD Provider

Kirsty Carden

Kirsty Carden

Kirsty Carden

I'm Kirsty Carden. Allow me to briefly introduce myself... I'm a Business Mentor, Entrepreneur, NLP Master & Mindset Coach, course creator & speaker based in Surrey, England... I have been working with both aspiring and current female entrepreneurs to confidently grow profitable online businesses from their passion for over 4 years now. Bringing women together and supporting them to grow both themselves and their businesses so you can become everything you are truly capable of, while changing the lives of others with your work is my mission!

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