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10 Nov 2021

About the event

This immersive event has been created to help legal professionals learn about new changes in the industry and discover new tech to improve their practices. With a specific focus on Cloud and Cyber technologies for the legal sector; this event will provide you with all the insight and tech you need to ensure your practice remains as efficient and relevant as possible in an increasingly digital world.

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Roar B2B

Roar B2B

Roar B2B

Roar B2B is a visionary events company that puts people at the centre of today’s most topical, growing and engaged industry sectors. With offices in London and Bristol, we’re dedicated to delivering sustainable sector-leading events which bring people together to build content, customer-centric community and conversation Our diverse range of people is what make us a success. Our belief in building an inclusive and meritocratic culture, offering modern working environments in both Bristol and London and attractive employee benefits and opportunities, is front and centre of everything we do.

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