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Architecture and Integration

16 Nov 2021

About the event

How best to integrate structures that foster mitigation (a reduction of emissions) and adapt to climate change? Consider; for example; electricity generation: reducing climate-changing gas emissions requires building new wind and photovoltaic power plants – how can we best integrate these works? Considering the need to integrate into our ecosystems and engage in direct dialogue with the sphere in which we live; we must ask if; in actual fact; the key to the issue may be to build technological devices into architecture to mitigate its effects on the ecosystem; or perhaps adopt an intrinsically-ecological form of architecture. Architecture should not be detrimental to environmental quality. Quite the contrary: it should fit harmoniously into its backdrop. As part of a landscape-based continuum; it must respond to the laws of ecology; pursuing an innovative path to this new paradigm through prototyping and experimenting with novel approaches.

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Maggioli S.p.A. - THE PLAN branch

Maggioli S.p.A. - THE PLAN branch

Maggioli S.p.A. - THE PLAN branch

THE PLAN magazine was founded in 2001 in Italy. Since 2007, THE PLAN has become bimonthly and today, with 8 issues released every year is one of the most acclaimed architecture and design reviews on the market, with 3 monolingual editions ( English, Italian, Chinese). Thanks to its strongly international approach, it is one of the most widely distributed and read magazines in Italy and worldwide, with an important readership of professionals from the sectors of architecture, design, building and real estate as well as universities faculties. With subscribers in 70 countries and distribution in newsstands, airports, railway stations, shopping malls, bookstores, in more than 60 countries.