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14 Jun 2022

About the event

This 1-day Blogging course will help you define your blog writing goals: understand the best structure approach: decide on topics: and content to engage your audiences. You will learn how to create effective marketing strategies: and how to achieve SEO optimisation for your blog. The course focuses on the vital skills for your blog to be a success: both in developing the content and maximising the marketing opportunities that blogging brings to your brand. Our expert trainers will help you develop your ability to write clearly: confidently: and consistently to gain brand reach and create shareable content. Excellent quality writing: whether for reports: presentations: marketing materials: or online: is essential to convey messages clearly and reflect well on the organisation and the writer.

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London School of Public Relations

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London School of Public Relations

London School of Public Relations

Founded in 1992, the London School of Public Relations (LSPR) is a training and business development organisation that provides support to numerous multinationals, SMEs and NGOs in the UK and globally. Our primary mission is to provide courses that explain how brands can build reputational capabilities that help organisations to stay competitive and take advantage of the growing importance of social influence and public relations in the changing nature of business.