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MyMT™ Menopause Practitioner Training

22 Apr 2023

About the event

This 12 week online course will enable; empower and certify you to work in the areas of evidenced lifestyle change for peri-menopause; menopause and post-menopause. This course posits menopause in the context of women's healthy ageing; exploring the history; relevance and physiology of menopause and provides you with scientifically evidence-based solutions to help your clients sleep all night; improve their energy; hot flushes; brain fog; sore joints; irritable gut and more. You will also learn about behaviour change theories; risk screening and marketing techniques unique to midlife women. The next course commences April 22nd. Please view the FAQs on the website for the eligibility criteria and register your interest now.

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My Menopause Transformation

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My Menopause Transformation

My Menopause Transformation

My Menopause Transformation delivers outstanding results to women who want to reduce their menopause symptoms through an evidenced, progressive system of lifestyle change strategies. It has been developed by New Zealand’s leading wellness coach, Dr Wendy Sweet (PhD) as a result of her PhD studies in women’s healthy ageing.  

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