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Cultivating Connections: Inspiring Innovation in the Food and Hospitality Industry

18 Sep 2023

About the event

This conference aims to explore the opportunities and challenges present in the Oman hospitality industry; particularly focusing on the areas of tourism; hospitality management and marketing; and hospitality services. Attendees will gain insights into the current state of the industry; as well as strategies for sustaining success in the future. The conference will feature presentations from leading industry experts and panellists; as well as networking events and workshops

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CONNECT - Oman Exhibition Organizing Company

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CONNECT - Oman Exhibition Organizing Company

CONNECT - Oman Exhibition Organizing Company

CONNECT is a brand of Oman Exhibitions Organizing Company LLC. We organise and develop high-profile, highly targeted trade exhibitions and conferences with the aim to be the leading event for each of the immediate regional markets in which we operate. Our aim is to deliver world-class events that are meaningful and that meet our client’s objectives.