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Master Trust & GPP Conference 2023

22 Nov 2023

About the event

This event debates the key issues driving the competition amongst master trust and GPP providers to deliver the very best investment propositions to members. The conference will challenge master trust board chairs and IGC members to demonstrate how they are delivering the very best value for members; including: ensuring a high standard of governance; developing their defaults to ensure the best riskadjusted returns are achieved over the long term; ensuring savings behaviour and retirement outcomes are optimal; achieving optimal levels of engagement through technology and other means. The content will be tailored to ensure a high level of debate around excellence in DC investment issues.

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Definite Article Media Limited

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Definite Article Media Limited

Definite Article Media Limited

The Corporate Adviser Summit is the DC pensions sector’s leading event where key figures from the major employee benefit consultancies and corporate advice firms gather to debate the future direction of the industry.

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