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23 May 2023

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AntiCon is where transformation; data and tools meet marketing and sales. The ultimate event to help you plan your martech; salestech; ad tech & AI transformation for the year ahead. It is a mix of the right content; with the right speakers and the right experience.

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We are LXA - an education business focused on marketing, sales, and technology. We deliver comprehensive CPD-accredited certificate and workshop solutions to individuals and teams of all sizes. With a training catalogue that covers martech, marketing and sales operations, sales enablement, and digital transformation, we've successfully conducted over 500 learning experiences for a diverse global community. Comprising 200k+ professionals, this includes martech specialists, consultants, marketing experts, and more. In addition, we collaborate with industry experts to offer curated reports and guides to learners and members to further develop their knowledge and skills to help advance their careers and business performance.

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