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Suicide Bereavement UK's 13th Annual International HYBRID (Face 2 Face & LIVESTREAM) Conference; Entitled Suicide Bereavement: Reaching Out and Generating Hope

26 Sep 2024

About the event

‘Suicide Bereavement: Reaching Out and Generating Hope’ 13th international hybrid conference is a collaboration between Suicide Bereavement UK and Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust. The event combines; lived experience; research; policy and practice and is the largest suicide bereavement conference internationally. Dr Frank Campbell; from the USA; is an international expert in suicide bereavement. Attention is paid to suicide in primary care; impact of losing several people; international developments; language; suicide bereavement and self-compassion; impact of finding a stranger; guidance supporting staff when a colleague dies by suicide; and the impact of suicide in South Asian communities etc.

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Suicide Bereavement UK

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Suicide Bereavement UK

Suicide Bereavement UK

Suicide Bereavement UK conducts suicide bereavement research, provides consultancy on postvention and develops and delivers evidence-based suicide bereavement training. The team have considerable experience working in this field and have a unique skill set, which enables them to be considered leaders in this newly developing field in the UK. We also hold an annual international suicide bereavement conference in Manchester every September, where over 350 attend from 8 different countries.