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WisdomTree Dublin Lunch Meeting

19 Jun 2024

About the event

WisdomTree is a leading thematic exchange-traded fund provider with deep thematic research expertise. Since 2018; we have developed world-class research around the thematic space and the construction of single thematic strategies and thematic portfolios.

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Wisdom Tree UK - formerly ETF Securities

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Wisdom Tree UK - formerly ETF Securities

Wisdom Tree UK - formerly ETF Securities

Wisdom Tree UK - formerly ETF Securities provide accessible and liquid investment solutions, enabling investors to intelligently diversify their portfolios beyond traditional asset classes and strategies. As pioneers in specialist investments, we developed the world’s first gold exchange traded commodity in 2003. Today we offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of specialist exchange traded products (ETPs) covering commodities, FX and thematic equities, trading on major exchanges across the world. We also provide Europe’s broadest range of short and leveraged ETPs.

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