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IT Leaders Summit

18 Sep 2024

About the event

IT leadership is a demanding role in which; paradoxically; technology plays only a minor part. The people and process aspects are much more important; which is why many successful IT leaders hail from non-technical backgrounds. The ability to build teams with the requisite mix of skills and personalities; the capacity for bridging the divide between tech and the rest of the business; and the vision to see which way the wind is blowing and adapt accordingly are common to almost all great IT leaders.

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Incisive Media

Incisive Media

Incisive Media is an award-winning business to business digital media and events business. We inspire, connect and inform through our market-leading brands. Working in our three core markets; financial services, enterprise technology and business sustainability, we provide analyst-grade insight, business intelligence and access to specialist networks of business professionals around the globe. 

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