Frequently Asked Questions

How are training and events assessed?

CPD submissions are assessed and certified against the universally accepted structured checklist which The CPD Certification Service has developed over the past 20+ years. The process takes an impartial and objective overview of structure and value to ensure full conformity to CPD guidelines. Generally the process takes 10-14 working days to complete. Once materials have been approved resources can carry the trademarked CPD Certified symbol. Remember the CPD fundamentals:- CPD should be educational, information-led and value added learning – no products and service selling. Promote your service through expertise and knowledge provision using best practice guidelines Clear learning objectives, outcomes and summary of key information from start. Why am I here? What will I learn? Structured in a methodical and logical approach to knowledge acquisition. A learning journey – [beginner to expert]. Examples, case studies, facts & stats - put the information into context. Participation embeds knowledge – is there an opportunity for the delegate to interact? Q&A / Quiz / Assessment / Discussion / Reflective notes. Feedback loop – how are you going to make the learning activity better? More information about becoming a CPD provider. 

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