How to become a CPD provider and how much does CPD accreditation cost?

How to become a CPD provider - what does it cost?

With 25 years’ experience The CPD Service is firmly established as the largest and leading independent CPD accreditation provider supporting organisations with a highly cost effective accreditation service that is difficult to compare. Hundreds of thousands of professionals have attended training courses and events certified to our CPD benchmarks, leading the way cost effective CPD accreditation.

Costs of becoming a CPD provider

Our recognised CPD providers receive more than just a logo when they become an accredited CPD provider with The CPD Certification Service. If you are interested in finding out how much does CPD accreditation costs, we provide a range of different CPD membership fees to suit your training requirements. Please contact our team to discuss in more detail.

Becoming an accredited CPD provider is straightforward. Once we receive your initial enquiry we will contact you with some more information and can have a friendly discussion to find out more about your training courses and events. We can provide recommendations and guidelines on how to get started as a CPD provider.

The CPD Certification Service provides professional and cost effective CPD accreditation services to organisations of all sizes. We can help you CPD certify a range of different learning activities, from training courses, seminars, workshops, eLearning and online courses, as well as conferences and events. Our leading CPD provider membership includes:-

  • Provide review and advice on organisational CPD requirements
  • CPD Accreditation of all courses & events, from 1 – 250+ activities
  • Licence to use CPD Member logo on marketing materials
  • Use of CPD Certified symbol on approved CPD courses
  • Listed in CPD Provider Directory for user searching
  • Publicise CPD certified events on Event Calendar
  • Administration of CPD delegate certificates

Thousands of CPD providers work with us to deliver learning across the industries

FAQs - Become a CPD provider

Why become an accredited CPD provider?

Organisations become a CPD provider in order to meet more of the right target audience, distinguish from market competitors, increase delegate bookings for courses and events as well as create and maximise new business opportunities.

What activities can become CPD accredited?

The CPD Service work with providers from all industries, ranging from consultancy firms to training providers, large employers, conference & event organisers, universities, further education colleges, local authority and Government departments. CPD accreditation can apply to a number of core learning activities which include:-

  • Training courses
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Online & ELearning
  • Events & Conferences
  • Webinars and other forms of structured learning

How much does CPD accreditation cost?

Organisations wishing to embrace CPD can display their commitment through membership of The CPD Certification Service. The CPD Service provides a range of cost effective CPD fees and subscriptions to suit your budget. Membership levels are determined by an initial dialogue resulting in recommendations for your most effective routes to market. CPD Providers are able to utilise key features of CPD membership to help support business, marketing and training objectives.

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